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Wind Energy

Wind energy forms an important part of the energy infrastructure in many countries.

In the future the importance of wind energy is set to increase as diminishing resources and climate change will play a bigger role across the world.

As a result, installing wind energy is an environmentally responsible activity with considerable growth and job creation potential. In particular, Denmark has pioneered and demonstrated the value of wind. The evolution of the Danish energy system has proven wind energy a reliable, large-scale energy technology. Currently, 28 per cent of the annual Danish electricity consumption is powered by wind. This is the highest percentage in the world, and the share is set to almost double by 2020, as wind will supply half of the electricity consumed in Denmark.

Today more than 25.000 people are employed across the Danish wind industry and despite the small size of Denmark some 25 per cent of the total global turnover in new wind energy installations in 2011 was created by Danish companies. The Danish industry is characterised by innovative, safe and professional working conditions, and these characteristics are distributed globally along with the gradual global expansion that the Danish wind industry is experiencing.

The energy used across the entire supply chain from production, transportation, installation as well as dismantling and disposal is 'paid back' by a modern Danish wind turbine in 6-12 months. The remainder of the 20+ production years is a clean energy surplus.

World view on CSR and wind energy

Globally there seems to be a widespread public agreement that harvesting the wind is a responsible method of producing energy. However, there is scattered public scepticism in relation to human health and the economic benefits of wind. These beliefs can largely be attributed to our basic human "fear of the unknown", i.e. a lack of knowledge about the technology and its impacts. Industry players across countries and regions are very focused on addressing these concerns, providing more knowledge to the public domain and raising awareness.

The industry is very broad consisting of large and small as well as local and global players, and across the countries where wind supply energy, a number of local jobs are also created.