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Danish companies in the water sector contribute significantly to secure clean, safe and affordable drinking water, water for production and wastewater treatment - both in Denmark and globally.

Their efforts are contributing to a better environment, healthier populations and a clean production with very low water consumption.

Water is indispensable for economic development and human welfare. Today, 1.7 billion people are facing water stress. In 2025, this figure is expected to rise to 5 billion. Figures like these call for improved water management solutions and partnerships.

The Danish water sector consists of around 200 companies and employs around 35,000 people. The sector has been a frontrunner within the development of clean, safe and energy-efficient water solutions.
Due to its high standards and innovative approach, the sector is able to provide environmentally sustainable water solutions in all parts of the world.

Danish water expertise is visible and highly acknowledged, and Danish companies have established themselves on international markets, supported by Danish environment and development assistance policies. In recent years, a total of 10-15 percent of the Danish development aid has gone to water related projects in the form of direct assistance carried out by Danish advisers, companies, and researchers.

World view on CSR and Water

In developing countries and emerging markets being a responsible water company in particular means having the ability to provide a large number of people clean water at a reasonable price and with the least possible consumption of energy. This goes for companies that directly deliver water as well as those that offer consultancy in water management, treatment, etc. There is also a great need for effective treatment of waste water.

Finally, a considerable percentage of the water sector is public in many countries. Companies therefore often have to exercise due diligence to avoid the risk of corruption.