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V- Guldmann

Guldmann’s products and services make life more comfortable for the disabled and their carers. Focus on the environment and health and safety is an important part of the company’s business.

Guldmann develops, manufactures, distributes and implements products and services that improve the safety and comfort of citizens with impaired mobility. With the company’s products and training programmes, Guldmann also helps make work processes in the care environment more efficient.

The company’s main business area is the production of ceiling lift systems used in nursing homes, home care, institutions and hospitals. Guldmann also manufactures beds for use in nursing homes, home care and institutions as well as ramps and lifting platforms for people with reduced mobility. Import and sale of wheelchairs in Denmark are also on the list of the company’s services together with training, lectures, seminars, consultancy services and ergonomic assessments.

Guldmann was founded in 1980 and today has 305 employees at its facilities in Skejby near Aarhus and elsewhere. The company has customers all over the world who are serviced by Guldmann’s sales and service offices in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Italy, France, the UK and the USA or by distributors covering a wide area from Iceland in the north to Australia in the south.

Reduced impact on the environment

Guldmann constantly strives to minimise any impact on the environment caused by the company’s activities both in Denmark and at the factory in the Ukraine. The company’s efforts focus on process optimisation to avoid wasting resources, to reduce the amount of waste in production and to limit the environmental impact during use and disposal of the products. In addition, the company places demands on its suppliers concerning the use of hazardous substances and materials.

A dose of their own medicine

Guldmann adopts a structured approach to a healthy and safe work environment. The company takes a dose of its own medicine and has installed many cranes to help with heavy lifts. The company also focuses on accident prevention and analyses all near-accidents and incidents to prevent reoccurrence. Guldmann’s record is 347 days without accidents.

Focus on social work

Over the years, the company has participated in different social projects, and still does. One such project is High Five, which involves finding work for young people with a tainted police record. Guldmann has also employed several people in flex jobs, offered internships for short or long periods of time and created apprenticeships within different professions in the office environment.
Read more on: www.guldmann.dk