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Trash-Couture is a Danish art fashion brand that uses leftover fabrics from the large couture houses for its collections. In just a few years, the company has succeeded in breaking through on the international fashion scene with a design and ethical profile emphasising sustainability and recycling.

In 2002, Fashion Designer Ann Wiberg founded Trash-Couture, which manufactures a unique collection of couture creations for the world's best-known boutiques and department stores. Each design in the collection, which includes evening gowns and cocktail dresses, wedding dresses and corsages, is unique or created as a limited edition. Of the top 100 most recognised boutiques in the world, 72 have purchased garments from Trash-Couture.

Leftover fabrics used as 'raw material'

Trash-Couture's collections are inspired by nature and use natural silks and vintage cotton lace combined with leftovers from exclusive fashion houses in cities like Paris. This is where the name Trash-Couture comes from. All designs use up to 50% off-cut and vintage materials as 'raw material'. The entire collection is hand-sewn in the company's own atelier in Copenhagen, thus minimising the waste of materials and excess production and ensuring good and controlled working conditions.

Well thought-out couture

Trash-Couture is a pioneer within Ethical High-End Fashion. This is one of the reasons why the company was invited to open the fashion week in Paris in 2005 with a large Ethical Show, at which Paris for the first time introduced Ethical Fashion as "The fashion industry's most important element for the future". Over the years, Trash-Couture's advanced art-to-wear couture dresses have acquired a cult status, and the company has exhibited in venues such as the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

As pioneers, they have been praised internationally for focusing on "Sustainable High-End Fashion" and their strong philosophy has ensured that the ethical message has been communicated to a mixture of collectors -here amongst royalties, aristocrats and cutting edge personalities within the Film and Music business. China, in particular, has shown considerable interest in Trash-Couture, as the company's unique, ethical, recycling, neo-romantic and artistic focus is considered to have a huge growth potential.