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The Danish Transport and Logistics Association (DTL) is the trade organisation for the Danish road and rail transport sector.

DTL has 2,450 transport companies as members. They are in charge of 13,200 lorries, 50 loco-motives and employ 16,300 people with a total payroll of DKK 6 billion. DTL supports the development of its member companies and works to promote good framework conditions. In relation to CSR, this means traffic safety, climate, the environment and the recruitment of non-ethnic Danes.

DTL runs the campaign 'Trafiksikkerhed i Øjenhøjde' (Traffic Safety at Eye Level) targeting schoolchildren in the second, third and fourth grades. Each year the campaign visits schools, festivals and trade fairs, teaching children about traffic safety and how to make themselves visible to lorry drivers. Between 2003 and 2011 the campaign taught 70,000 schoolchildren. DTL has developed a special website dedicated to the campaign with educational material for teachers, facts for parents and instructive games for children.

DTL published the catalogue "Transportens vej til et bedre klima - 49 veje til at spare på brændstoffet", (The transport sector's plan for a better climate - 49 ways to save fuel), which describes climate-enhancing products on the market and provides Danish transport companies with lots of useful advice on how to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. To this end, the organisation has kick-started the environmental campaign 'Få råd til miljø - DTL viser vej' (Advice on the Environment - DTL shows how). The campaign will get underway in 2012. Focus will be given to environmental issues in general, and in particular, diesel reduction and initiatives that seek to reduce energy consumption in buildings, benefiting the environment and haulier profitability.

Only 3% of the drivers employed by Danish hauliers are of non-Danish ethnic origin. It was therefore clear that something had to be done to get hauliers to understand the many benefits of having a diverse work-force. In the last three years, the campaign 'Tag plads i Førerhuset' (Take your seat in the driver's cab) has motivated candidates to get a taste of what the industry has to offer through various courses and job practice. The initiative is the result of a partnership between several local authorities in Greater Copenhagen and Central Denmark Region, the education centre TUC A/S and the Association New Danes. It has resulted in a model for the recruitment and retention of new Danes to which the industry can refer in the future.

World view on CSR and textiles

Today, consumer goods are produced all over the globe. An efficient transport sector is therefore one of the cornerstones in developing a global infrastructure. More road transport means a greater impact on the environment in the form of higher CO2 emissions, more noise, increased pressure on the road network and thus a potential threat to traffic safety. Individual companies and their representative organisations around the world are actively seeking technological and logistic solutions to address these complex challenges.