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The Danish Brewers' Association

The brewing and soft drink industry involves a great deal of heavy work and lifting. Recommendations, common guidelines and training are some of the industry initiatives to provide employees with a good physical working environment.

The workforce must not be exposed to attrition as a result of unnecessary strain. The Danish Brewers' Association has therefore prepared instruction materials and guidelines to ensure ongoing assessment of the working environment and compliance with safety regulations in connection with the handling of substances and materials. The association has developed a workplace assessment template and instructions that ensure that the breweries and soft drink manufacturers are effectively qualified to assess the working environment and take preventive action with regard to those areas where problems typically arise. The association has also developed a template to ensure that the Executive Order on Work with Substances and Materials can be developed effectively and clearly.

'Pladsen til kassen'

Every day, thousands of supermarkets, cafes and restaurants take delivery of beer and beverage supplies. The 'Pladsen til kassen' project seeks to ensure that all breweries and soft drink manufacturers deliver goods to individual customers consistently and in the safest way possible from a working environment standpoint. The project establishes guidelines for a common working environment so that it does not become a competitive parameter between breweries and soft drink manufacturers. By registering and complying with the same guidelines at all delivery sites and providing customers with access instructions, the breweries and soft drink manufacturers have helped to secure proper health and safety conditions for employees, which in turn promotes a safe and healthy working environment. The project was recommended for the Danish Working Environment Award in 2006.

Superusers trained in heavy lifting

The Danish breweries and soft drinks manufacturers have initiated a project to ensure that employees receive qualified training in the correct handling of heavy loads. A group of employees is appointed as working environment superusers. The group is trained in working environment regulations as they relate to ergonomics and how to correctly perform heavy lifting and handle heavy loads. The superusers also learn how to pass on this knowledge to their fellow employees. Several instruction films have been produced to support superuser knowledge sharing.