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The brewing industry and consumers

In relation to consumers, the association's CSR activities include youth alcohol consumption, responsible marketing and food safety.

The breweries want to play an active role in ensuring that youth develop a sensible and responsible alcohol culture that provides the correct framework for the consumption of beer. This is achieved through information and campaigns aimed at youth and their parents under the slogan 'Are you ready?' These efforts are jointly coordinated with a wide range of private and public stakeholders including local authorities, the Danish regions, Roskilde Festival, Grøn Koncert (Green Concert, NOX discotheque network, the Night Owls and SSP). Young people can get information and seek advice on sensible alcohol culture at erduklar.

We help educational institutions and parents

The Danish Brewers' Association has developed the website klarsnak.com for parents, teenagers and educational institutions. The website contains factual information on alcohol, insight into youth behaviour, tools, and specific guidelines for establishing a sensible framework for teenagers in relation to places of study, parties and alcohol. The breweries also implement campaigns aimed at preventing youth from driving under the influence of alcohol.

Responsible marketing

Together with the rest of the alcohol sector, the industry and consumer organisations have established marketing guidelines for alcoholic beverages. The guidelines represent an ethical standard and comply with the concept of good marketing practice in accordance with the Marketing Practices Act. In 2000, the Ministry of Business and Growth Denmark set up the Danish Alcohol Advertising Council to ensure that these guidelines were effectively enforced. For further information, log onto www.arn.dk.

Food safety and quality

The breweries and soft drinks manufacturers produce beverages that are safe for consumers and comply with legal and consumer quality requirements. This is achieved through the systematic control of raw materials, production and finished products. The Danish Brewers' Association has developed an industry code and a food legislation manual together with guidelines that members can apply in connection with their food safety efforts. In addition to the legal requirements, the breweries and soft drink manufacturers maintain ongoing quality assurance to ensure that the development of quality products meets the needs and preferences of consumers with regard to beverages. The association helps to formulate development strategies to promote products in the beer, soft drink and water segment.

Hygiene and self-regulation

To help the breweries and soft drinks manufacturers comply with authority expectations and self-regulation requirements, the Danish Brewers' Association has prepared an internet-based industry code on hygiene and self-regulation. The code contains guidelines for good hygiene practice and the production environment. Members use the code in connection with brewery layout and operation, and the implementation of statutory, HACCP-based self-regulation. The industry code also contains risk assessments (identification of critical points) and packaging, traceability, training and labelling guidelines. The industry code is approved by the Danish food authorities.

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