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SkyTEM Surveys ApS

SkyTEM Surveys ApS, in cooperation with researchers at Aarhus University, has developed a method to detect and map aquifers in the subsurface with a unique helicopter-borne electromagnetic system. SkyTEM is an innovative and technologically advanced geophysical system that is capable of mapping the top 400 metres of the Earth in fine detail and in three dimensions. 

SkyTEM has helped geological organisations and government water works worldwide to unearth a wealth of information about their aquifers and aided their understanding of how geology and mankind can affect, and be affected by, groundwater resources. To date, the SkyTEM method has mapped approximately one third of Denmark and has been applied to study groundwater and map resources on five continents – from hot and humid areas in Malaysia and Australia to cold and remote areas in Greenland and Antarctica.

Gentler on the environment

SkyTEM is considerably gentler on the environment and nature than traditional borehole drilling methods, with particular focus on protecting the livestock in the survey areas, and SkyTEM Surveys always strives to achieve corporate targets of zero harm to the environment.

Since its launch in 2003, SkyTEM has also been employed globally for resource exploration as well as for environmental and engineering investigations.
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