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SCT Transport

As one of Zealand's biggest hauliers, SCT Transport A/S typifies a sector facing many challenges. The company has shown that with wise investments, information and clear goals and visions, labour and environmental policy can be active assets. Its philosophy is to continually develop and improve as a company.

SCT Transport is among Denmark's biggest hauliers within specific goods for building purposes, container transport and crane services. Today, the company employs a workforce of 250 and maintains more than 400 vehicles. SCT Transport supports the responsible use of resources, whether they be hazardous particles, materials or people, while striving to deliver the best environmental results in the industry.

The company works closely with customers in all questions relating to environmental impact, traffic safety and the working environment. SCT Transport's attitude is that society can only be proud of a company whose management and workforce continually focus on minimizing hazardous particles, unnecessary attrition and work-related traffic accidents.

Clear goals and visions

SCT Transport has established clear environmental goals: to reduce annual fuel consumption (measured in l/km) by 6%, to increase capacity utilisation by 2% per vehicle per annum and minimise annual water and chemical consumption by 2%. At the same time, small everyday things in the office make a difference to energy consumption, for example - bad habits are scrutinised and lighting and electricity are turned off when unneeded.

Higher payload generates environmental savings

The company is an industry leader when it comes to minimising the emission of hazardous substances generated by its transport activities. This is achieved through the monitoring and optimisation of the company's vehicle fleet. The company was among the first to acquire 40 new trailers adapted to the new weight restrictions of up to 54 tons total weight. This means that payloads have risen by almost 6 tons per transport, thus eliminating the need for every fifth or sixth run. This investment resulted in a considerable environmental impact reduction per transported ton goods in connection with Copenhagen's Metro project.

Streamlined planning and training

Minimising wasted mileage requires not only streamlined daily planning but that drivers know how to maximise fuel efficiency. The company's vehicle fleet is therefore equipped with an automatic cut-off function that activates after two minutes' idling, and drivers receive instructions in eco-friendly driving. Regard for fellow motorists and society at large is also a priority at SCT Transport, which is why educating schoolchildren is an important part of the company's public profile.