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Schjerning wishes to inspire new ways of using artist’s and hobby products to allow both children and adults to be creative, and construct their own universes using colours that are as safe and environmentally friendly as possible.

Schjerning Farver is domiciled in Ebeltoft, Denmark, and manufactures and develops artist’s and hobby colours. Schjerning Farver is privately owned with roots dating back to 1886. Schjerning Farver’s mission is to deliver high quality products with a strong focus on the environment while remaining a flexible and reliable manufacturer.

The company has its own laboratory and mixes its own colours, which means that it can vouch for the content of the products and ensure a consistent, high quality. Seventy-five per cent of the production is exported.

Environmentally certified production

Schjerning Farver has been environmentally certified according to ISO 14001 since 1998. This guarantees high standards and an environmentally friendly production. Schjerning Farver sorts all its waste and saves on electricity and water. The company checks all ingredients and exclusively uses European suppliers who provide detailed information about the ingredients of their products.

The A label guarantees the purest products on the market

All Schjerning colours are water-based and A-labelled. The A-label is a voluntary Danish environmental standard with more stringent requirements as to the purity of the ingredients than any other Danish or European standard. The colours do not contain any known harmful substances, PVC, phthalates or heavy metals, and only one tenth of the permitted solvents and preservatives.

In 2004, Schjerning Farver received the EU’s Environmental Product Award. Schjerning is keen to live up to the award and continue to develop new environmentally friendly artist’s and hobby colours that can be used by children and adults without giving any cause for concern.

The next step might be the EU Flower eco-label

Unfortunately, the EU Flower eco-label does not apply to artist's and hobby colours, as there are currently no established criteria for awarding the label to such products. Schjerning Farver is endeavouring to create political awareness of the importance of protecting the health of the users of hobby products and of incorporating hobby products in the Flower eco-labelling scheme or the Nordic Swan eco-labelling scheme.

Read more on: www.schjerning.dk