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Protac has invented a blanket full of plastic balls, which has a calming effect on people with mental and physical conditions and helps them get a better night’s sleep. Both users and industry professionals take part in the development of the company’s product range.

Protac is a Danish company based in Aarhus, which develops, manufactures and sells occupational therapy products that stimulate the senses. Protac has eight employees and distributors in several European countries as well as Japan.

In 2011, export accounted for 38% of the company’s revenue. In 2012, Protac received the ADHD Awareness Award 2012 for its special efforts to promote knowledge, understanding and acceptance of ADHD.

Noiseless plastic balls have a calming effect

Protac, which was established in 1994, is best known for developing a blanket full of noiseless plastic balls. When you move under the blanket, for instance when turning over in bed, the balls roll around gently, the pressure changes, and a new response is fed back to the brain.

This increased awareness of the body and the body’s limits has a calming effect and promotes better sleep. The blanket is primarily used by people with mental and physical conditions, such as autism, ADHD, dementia, Tourette’s Syndrome and spasticity, who often have trouble sleeping. The blanket can also help people suffering from stress.

The company has now extended its product range to include other products based on the same principles, such as a cushion designed to sit on, a chair, an air mattress, a foot rest and a vest.

Excellent customer service makes a difference to the customers

The needs of the consumers are the starting point when Protac develops new products. However, it is not always possible to include users in the development process, as people in this group often face severe difficulties.

Therefore, Protac always involves industry professionals in the product development. Protac also provides excellent customer service in view of the often very difficult financial circumstances of the users, and, for example, offers a favourable rental scheme.

Environment and working conditions under control

Protac’s products are manufactured by suppliers in Denmark and Poland, and the company regularly visits its suppliers to make sure the working conditions are up to standards. The textiles used are Oeko-Tex-certified; the plastic balls are TÜF-certified and all products carry the CE label. In addition, Protac works continuously to minimise packaging and freight.

Read more on: www.protac.dk