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Per Aarsleff A/S

Aarsleff carries out infrastructure projects and specialises in foundations and pipeline renewal. The company views corporate social responsibility as an integral part of its mission, and items high on Aarsleff's CSR agenda include a healthy and safe work environment as well as the development of products with positive impact on the environment.

The Aarsleff group has approximately 3,500 employees. Just under half of the company's revenue comes from work performed abroad. The founder of the company, Per Aarsleff, was of the view that corporate social responsibility would make a positive contribution to the bottom line. It is therefore part of the company's DNA that corporate social responsibility is not just a question of complying with legislation but is about taking action for the benefit of both the company and society.

Fewer work accidents and reduced energy consumption

For Aarsleff, a healthy and safe work environment is a key area of their CSR work to ensure that the company always has an efficient team who functions well. In the last two financial years, the company has had a lower number of accidents per million working hours compared with the industry average. Reducing the company's impact on the environment is another important focus area. Aarsleff's subsidiary, Centrum Pæle A/S, thus focuses on minimising its energy consumption not only in production but also in the actual product. A good example is the new extension to Rosborg Upper Secondary School in Vejle, which uses piles for foundation. As a new feature, the poles have built-in earth heating pipes that help reduce the energy consumption.

Green energy production on the school curriculum

Aarsleff gives high priority to collaboration and knowledge exchange with clients about the reduction of energy consumption and environmental impact. In connection with the extension to the building at Rosborg Upper Secondary School, Centrum Pæle A/S and Aarsleff created a special teaching programme for the pupils in collaboration with the upper secondary school and VIA University in Horsens. As a result, VIA University now teaches the upper secondary school pupils about energy technology, and the pupils monitor the earth heating production and calculate the green energy production. This gives them practical experience in an area not normally covered by the curriculum. As a result, the students acquire awareness of sustainability and the company acquires a new product and perhaps a couple of future engineers who would like to work for Aarsleff.