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Oil & Gas

Working systematically to ensure a stable supply and a constant focus on safe and sustainable production has put the highly efficient Danish energy sector firmly on the global map.

Key words for the sector are a highly trained workforce and cutting-edge technology.

Energy demands will remain high for a foreseeable number of years. While working to achieve a fossil-free energy supply, the Danish oil and gas industry has an important role to play in meeting the global energy demands.

The Danish energy sector secures a stable supply and ensures that energy resources are extracted on an environmentally sound basis. Sustainable production is a trademark and cornerstone for the entire Danish energy sector. The sector encompasses well over 200 companies and has a workforce numbering more than 12,000 people.

The Danish companies excel in energy efficiency and highly innovative sustainable solutions. An example is the heat technology solution in refineries, where the surplus hot water is used for heating and electricity. An oil refinery in the Danish city Fredericia supplies heat and electricity for 18,000 households. On a yearly basis, the recycling equals 40,000 tons of crude oil.

Safety and efficiency are especially important in the oil and gas sector, and Danish knowhow, training, and technology contribute to a safer and more efficient production worldwide.

World view on CSR and Oil & Gas

Feed-back from a number of countries indicate that oil and gas industries are highly sensitive industries as far as CSR is concerned, the main areas of concern being environmental impact, health and safety of workers and use of land, also in regard to local population. For this reason some large oil and gas companies in emerging markets have sought to become standard bearers for CSR in their country.

This contributes to their overall reputation management, and in one country, to lay the conditions for the all-important smooth relationship with the local authorities.