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NORDEN has implemented ship performance monitoring systems which streamline the collection of performance indicators in real time and eliminate a number of clerical activities in the office.

This allows the company to develop efficiency-enhancing measures, such as right steaming or virtual arrival. These measures result in more efficient fleet management and reduced environmental impacts.

NORDEN was founded and listed in 1871 and is one of the oldest shipping companies in the world. NORDEN operates globally in dry cargo and product tankers with one of the most modern and competitive fleets in the industry. NORDEN operates a total of 244,5 vessels. In addition, vessels from 3rd parties are operated in pools of which NOR­DEN which is either co-owner or manages. These are Norient Product Pool, NORDEN Post-Panamax Pool and NORDEN Handysize Pool.

NORDEN has its headquarters in Denmark, and offices in Singapore, China, India, the USA and Bra­zil, a network of port captains as well as site offices at shipyards in Korea, China, Vietnam and Japan. NORDEN has 273 employees on shore and 884 on board owned vessels. In addition, Norient Product Pool has 44 employees at is offices in Denmark, Cyprus, Singapore, the USA and Brazil (numbers are stated the 31st. December 2012).

Real time monitoring of ship performance

In the tanker business a fast and steady pace is essential, both in the journey to the origin of the cargo as well as delivering it at its destination. That requires high speed resulting in high fuel consump­tion. Via the Norient Product Pool (NPP), NORDEN engages in several initiatives to enhance efficiency while still being able to satisfy its clients’ need for timeliness and speed. Efficient operations mean reduced consumption of bunker oil, which translates into lower operating costs and lower CO2 emissions.

NPP has implemented a system known as Master’s Operations and Environments Performance System, MOEPS®. The system allows for the collection and analysis of information on the organisation of a voyage as well as its actual performance. The system is capable of monitoring a ship’s operating parameters, allowing comparison of the agreed service speed with the actual speed of the vessel as an example. If the actual speed exceeds the agreed speed, the head office sends an enquiry to the cap­tain to determine the reasons for the deviation. There may be several reasons why the speed is higher than agreed, such as the weather or the traffic situation at sea. But if the head office determines that there is no reason to steam at high speed, the captain is ordered to reduce it.

Total savings between 2008-2012 amounted to 245,000 tonnes of bunker oil and 774,200 tonnes of CO2. Compared to the level of efficiency in 2007, this corresponds to a 24 percent saving approximately.

Right steaming and virtual arrival

NNP also uses MOEPS® for virtual arrival – a process that involves an agreement to reduce a vessel’s speed on voyage to meet a pre-determined time of arrival. Reasons for reducing speed may also include the discharge port not being ready for the ship. In such a case, if the speed is not reduced the ship may arrive too early and be required to wait idly at anchorage. There would be no benefits from fast steaming as this would not lead to discharging the cargo any faster.

If the system alerts the operator that virtual arrival is relevant for a voyage, NPP asks the customer for permission to employ virtual arrival. If the customer agrees, then NPP contacts the Danish Meteoro­logical Institute (DMI) to calcute the virtual arrival speed and arrival date based on relevant weather forecasts. This is communicated to the customer and may have a bearing on the duration of laytime and demurrage.

Virtual arrival provides a number of benefits. Firstly, emissions are reduced due to the elimination of emis­sions while waiting at anchor and steaming at opti­mised speeds. Secondly, port congestion is reduced and the level of safety improves in port areas.

Further information: www.ds-norden.com