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LOGSTOR is the world’s pre-eminent supplier of energy-efficient pre-insulated pipe systems designed specifically to keep energy loss from district heating and cooling systems to the absolute minimum.

LOGSTOR is a world leading district energy company with more than 40 years of experience in providing district heating and cooling distribution solutions. LOGSTOR pre-insulated pipe systems enable the society to optimize every single aspect of the design, implementation and maintenance of infrastructure for moving energy from A to B by pipe.

LOGSTOR has its headquarters in Denmark and 10 factories located in Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Romania and China as well as 14 sales companies worldwide. The company has 1250 employees.

The company has implemented the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management.

Reducing CO2 emissions

Based on years of experience in many countries, especially in Scandinavia, it is clear that district heating and district cooling are economically advantageous, extremely reliable and – perhaps most importantly – environmentally safer than other solutions being employed today.

Combined heat and power generation is actually the single biggest solution to the 2020 EU target of reducing CO2 emissions by 20% and increasing the renewable share of energy to 20%. Converting to district heating saves more than 3 tons CO2 per year/home.

LOGSTOR pre-insulated pipe systems are designed specifically to keep energy loss from district heating and cooling systems to the absolute minimum and may thus play a vital role in helping achieve better energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions.

Reuse and recycling facility

The heart of all LOGSTOR pre-insulated pipe systems is the unique cyclopentane-blown CFC-free polyurethane cellular foam.

LOGSTOR was the first company in the world to build a facility for chemical reuse of polyurethane and recycling of polyethylene for pre-insulated district heating pipes. After treatment the waste is used in the production of new pre-insulated district heating systems. The investment in the waste generation facility is a vital part of the company’s environmental strategy towards providing climate solutions.

The recycling technology reduces the consumption of raw materials saving more than 600 tons of virgin polyethylene a year. The recycled polyethylene is reused in the production of new polyurethane foam. The solution enables the company to increase resource efficiency and demonstrate environmental responsibility fulfilling the company’s aim of offering the most environmental products in the market.

Read more: www.logstor.com