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Leif M. Jensen

At sewerage services company Leif M. Jensen, social responsibility is built into the very DNA of the company. The company participates in several projects aimed at reintegrating marginalised groups into the labour market. Safety and the environment are also important CSR parameters for the company headquartered in the Copenhagen West region.

Leif M. Jensen A/S (LMJ) is a sewerage services company specialising in supplying complete solutions to the private, public and industrial sectors. The family-owned company employs over 200 people throughout Denmark. In 2012, the company will celebrate its 70th anniversary. LMJ seeks to be a socially responsible company in every way, and from the very outset it has been an enterprise anchored in the local community, providing many in the Copenhagen West region with the opportunity to enter the labour market.

Eco-friendly "sock lining" at own factory

LMJ's services include CIPP (Cured in place pipe) lining and tightliner, a technique for renovating defective sewers without excavation. This is done by installing a new pipe, which is then inflated with air and hardened using steam, light or water. LMJ manufactures its own eco-friendly CIPP liner made of carbon, felt, glass fibre or PE styrene-free plastic. The company also seeks other ways to minimise its environmental impact. Thus, it was the first transport company in Denmark to invest in a vacuum tanker with a Euro 6 engine. LMJ's sewer cleaning trucks employ recycled sewage water or rain water collected on company premises for flushing so they do not have to use clean drinking water to flush sewers. Some of its vehicles have been replaced by modern hybrid technology, which together with M-tec fleet management and logistics has significantly reduced fuel consumption. LMJ is also certified in accordance with DS ISO 14001.

Focus on safety

Accidents, heavy lifting, poor work posture, noise and vibrations are some of the main reasons for attrition and work-related injuries in the earth works and sewage sector. LMJ is well aware that sanitation work can be a hazardous occupation and the company has a "zero injury target" and participates in a "best practice" development project in collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The many accidents in recent years involving lorries and ordinary motorists are another company focus area. LMJ has therefore introduced traffic management and is traffic safety certified by the Danish Transport and Logistics Association.

Employee values

LMJ has entered into a so-called company agreement with job centres in the immediate area. The agreement aims to ensure that there are sufficient numbers of subsidised work placements and wage-subsidised jobs for people who need job activation. LMJ is also involved in two other initiatives aimed at getting marginalised groups back into the labour market. "Tag Plads i Førerhuset" (Take your seat in the driver's cab) is an initiative by the Danish Transport and Logistics Association that aims to attract more non-ethnic Danes to the driving profession. LMJ participates in the "High:Five" project established by VSFA, the Danish Business Forum for Corporate Social Responsibility, with the aim of helping the country's private and public companies establish job and/or training placements for youth in danger of being marginalised as a result of crime.