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KLS Grafisk Hus A/S

CSR and sustainability are the very cornerstones of KLS. Working closely with the company’s employees, customers and suppliers, KLS back this claim with firm action: KLS is Denmark’s first CO2-neutral printing house, we have considerably reduced our energy consumption, we use wind energy and we drive electric cars.

KLS Grafisk Hus A/S employs a workforce of 50 people and maintains an extensive range of machinery and equipment. Dedicated employees and modern technology are at the heart of the company's CLEAN strategy - an abbreviation for the company's focus on CSR, the environment and lean, which aims to reduce raw material consumption and waste.

KLS is certified in accordance with ISO 14001, ISO 9001, the Nordic Swan ecolabel, FSC and the CO2 Focus climate label. KLS is Denmark's first CO2-neutral printing works, advising customers on their printing carbon footprint based on LCA calculations. In 2000, the company was awarded Hvidovre Municipality's Environment Award in recognition of its sustainable environmental policy, and since then KLS has been widely recognised for its environmental efforts, which include the Strategy Prize in Climate Cup 2008.

KLS pioneers change

KLS wants to set new environmental standards. Back in 2007, KLS chose to extend its focus on supplier and customer relations. The climate impact profile of printed matter is decided as early as the design and purchasing stages. It is therefore essential that customers have the right information regarding the choice of raw materials and production techniques, and in particular that we are able to offer product labelling that guarantees high credibility. Between 2007 and 2010, the company reduced its energy consumption per unit of produced printed matter by 16% and has set itself the goal of a further 10% reduction by 2013. This has only been possible thanks to the active participation of the workforce, and the Danish Energy Saving Trust subsequently selected KLS as a case story highlighting employee involvement.

Action generates credibility

KLS was the first Danish industrial company to employ electric lorries, a project initiated in close collaboration with the Danish Energy Agency. Furthermore, KLS is possibly the first company in Denmark's history where the entire executive management team drives electric cars, and the company has set a target of phasing out all its petrol- and diesel-powered vehicles by the end of 2013. The energy to power the printing machinery comes from the huge, 3.6 MW offshore wind turbines at the Avedøre Power Station situated a few hundred metres from the printing works, which recently had a new white roof fitted to reflect sunlight, thus reducing the need for indoor ventilation.

Electric vehicles, wind turbines, white roof, energy reduction, employee involvement and professional climate consultancy all serve to bolster credibility with our customers. So, despite the importance of strategies and visions, in the end it is firm action that really counts.

Read more at www.kls.dk.