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Kailow's vision is to be Denmark's most responsible business group, and the company therefore focuses on its work with climate, corporate social responsibility, environment and health and safety, for example by means of international certifications and adoption of the UN Global Compact.

Kailow is one of Denmark's largest business groups within communication, marketing, design and media production. Kailow consists of Kailow Graphic, Kailow Creative, Kailow Visual, Kailow Studio and Kailow Express. Kailow was founded in 1976, currently employs 110 staff and in 2011 recorded a revenue totalling DKK 150 million.

For a number of years, Kailow has been certified to ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, the Nordic Ecolabel, the Swan, FSC and ClimateCalc. In 2011, Kailow was the first design and marketing agency with own production at all levels to achieve DS 49001 certification. The business group has also adopted the UN Global Compact and the Danish graphic industry's CSR code.

Control of the entire process chain

The most important CSR aspects of the production of design and communication services occur in the different raw material stages and when the production involves work by suppliers in other countries. Kailow has therefore implemented a supply chain management system that includes a detailed identification of the CSR status of the suppliers and obliges the suppliers to undertake ongoing improvements. The supply chain management system ensures that Kailow always focuses on the most important areas in the process chain and reduces the risk of errors, whether using national or global suppliers.

Documentation supports the CSR profile of customers

The work with CSR has improved the customers' possibilities to strengthen their own CSR profiles by using the communication services of the Kailow Group. In addition to the risk management which the supply chain management system affords the customers, it is also possible to obtain a certified climate calculation of the individual services and products, thus providing an opportunity to optimise the individual service up to six times in terms of climate impact. In addition, Kailow offers certificates, environmental labelling of printed matter and FSC labelling of the paper, all of which documents the customers' conscious CSR choices.

In the coming years, Kailow will focus on selling graphic services developed and produced in accordance with DS 49001. To support this overall goal, the business group has formulated specific action plans for quality and customer satisfaction, environment and health and safety, as well as for the group's collaboration with suppliers and other stakeholders.

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