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Jysk Kemi Service

By constantly developing new cleaning products with the highest possible degree of biodegradability, Jysk Kemi Service is influencing its customers to become more environmentally aware. The company also has an internship scheme which helps vulnerable people get a new start in life.

For more than 20 years, Jysk Kemi Service has been a regular supplier of environmentally friendly cleaning products and dishwasher detergent to the hotel and restaurant industry, cleaning companies, schools, hospitals, housing societies and industrial companies, primarily in Denmark. Jysk Kemi Service has its own laboratory, which develops new products and tests their biodegradability. All products are manufactured at the company’s factory in Holstebro, with an annual production of approximately 150 tonnes. The company has 25 employees.

The company is ISO 14001 certified, has been awarded the industry’s SPT certificate, and 25% of its products carry the Nordic Swan (Svanen) eco-label.

Regard for the environment and health and safety

Jysk Kemi Service also continuously develops new Swan-labelled products that cause minimum impact on the environment. The company has recently developed a new Swan-labelled dishwasher detergent, Citro no.1, which is the first on the market to wash coffee and tea cups completely clean without the use of chlorine, thereby protecting the environment while creating a healthy work space in the kitchen.

The company also focuses on educating its customers to become more environmentally aware. Servicing of laundry equipment is covered by the certification of the Swan-labelled products, and the company has its own service technicians who make sure that the customers’ dosing systems use the optimum setting. This leads to reduced environmental impact, less maintenance of the washing machines and more economical operation.

Minimum waste water

The factory makes optimum use of resources while limiting its impact on the environment. As an example, the production involves a minimum of waste water, as the water used to rinse the weighing equipment for the liquid raw materials becomes part of the final product.

Internships for vulnerable groups

Jysk Kemi Service is also a socially responsible company. It collaborates with Holstebro Municipality to help vulnerable people return to the job market. The company offers internships in both laboratory and production to people with mental health conditions to help them improve their self-esteem and develop the courage to study or work.

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