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Hansen's Ice Cream

Hansen’s Ice Cream has made the highest quality ice cream since 1922. Making ice cream under decent conditions has been a core value of Hansen’s Ice Cream since its founding. Quality is also a matter of good ingredients, taste and ethical considerations.

Hansen’s Ice Cream is now run by the fourth generation of the Hansen family, using the original production methods and maintaining a focus on the finest ingredients. The company sells its ice cream products through selected retail chains and cafes in Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

Five dogmas for making ice cream

Good ingredients and high production quality are the hallmarks of Hansen’s Ice Cream. Therefore it is crucial for the company to know the origin of its ingredients and the conditions under which they are produced. This view is reflected in Hansen Ice Cream’s five dogmas for making ice cream:

  1. Our suppliers must be personal and as close by as possible.
  2. Our suppliers are assessed according to their ethics and personnel/environmental conditions.
  3. We must have full control of all ingredients, with 100% traceability.
  4. Our ingredients must be produced in an ecologically and environmentally sound manner.
  5. It takes time to produce good flavour.

To Hansen’s Ice Cream, these dogmas mean that the company buys ingredients from local milk and cream producers, thereby supporting the local community and small producers, while buying its main ingredient from the nearest farm, which minimises transport and CO2 emissions.

Suppliers become a part of the immediate family

Suppliers to Hansen’s Ice Cream become a part of what the company calls “the immediate family”, where all of the “family members” are obliged to take social responsibility. This applies in terms of innovation, product development, organic production, fair trade, local community involvement, employee training in developing countries and new environmentally-friendly forms of production. All of the company’s major suppliers are therefore chosen carefully so that they fit into the family.

Focus on energy and climate

Hansen’s Ice Cream has a strong focus on reducing energy consumption and the emission of CO2 from its production facility and products. The company has established a climate partnership with Dong Energy to significantly reduce its energy consumption over the next years. Hansen’s Ice Cream has a wind energy contract for its dairy in Jægerspris and has invested in a new cooling system that reduces electricity consumption by up to 40. Suppliers are also required to help reduce CO2 emissions. For example, the supplier of mangos in Zambia uses solar power for the drying of fruit.