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Sustainability and corporate responsibility is in the DNA of Grundfos. The purpose of Grundfos is to be a global leader in advanced pump solutions and a trendsetter in water technology. We want to contribute to global sustainability by pioneering new technologies that improve quality of life for people while caring for the planet.

In Grundfos, we want to take part in ensuring a sustainable future and we do it for three reasons. Firstly, sustainability is part of our purpose and the way we have done business from the very beginning. Secondly, sustainability is a key concept and business driver in Grundfos and this is anchored in our core promises of BE RESPONSIBLE -THINK AHEAD - INNOVATION IS THE ESSENCE. Thirdly, sustainability is also a way of managing potential risks and reducing costs throughout our value chain. In short, being a sustainable company creates great value for Grundfos.

Innovative Solutions to Global Challenges

The world today is facing a number of urgent challenges - global warming, water constraints, a rapidly growing population, increased urbanisation, pressure on resources, and a shift in economic centres. Developing solutions to these challenges is the driver of our innovation and product development. In our innovation intent, we commit ourselves to putting sustainability first, caring for a growing world, and pioneering new technologies.

For decades, Grundfos has developed intelligent and resource efficient pump solutions that contribute to saving both water and energy. Through the campaign 'Meet the Energy Challenge Now', Grundfos has taken an active role in promoting energy savings by highlighting the hidden opportunity in applying energy efficient pumps in buildings, industry, and water supply. This can save up to 4% of the total global energy consumption and radically improve management of increasingly scarce water resources.

Business with a social purpose

With the Grundfos LIFELINK business unit we take our engagement in society and sustainable development a step further. Currently, 884 million people don't have access to safe drinking water near their home. The purpose of Grundfos LIFELINK is to provide sustainable water solutions for people in the developing world through innovative technology, partnerships and business models.

Grundfos LIFELINK provides an innovative solution for sustainable water supply by combining proven pump technology, renewable energy, and an innovative service platform with unique solutions for revenue management and remote monitoring.

Since 2009, Grundfos LIFELINK has been operating in Kenya providing access to clean water for nearly 100,000 people. The projects are implemented in partnership with the local government and various development organizations. In Kenya, Grundfos LIFELINK has taken a role as implementing partner and service provider to prove the viability of the total concept.

Now, Grundfos LIFELINK is expanding operations across Africa and Asia, providing the LIFELINK technology to water utilities and development organizations working to establish long term sustainable water supply in rural and urban low income communities.

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