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Goodmorning Technology and Keep Denmark Clean

The organisation Keep Denmark Clean, the Danish Design Centre and Goodmorning Technology have invented a waste chute for rest areas that allows motorists and truck drivers to get rid of their waste without having to get out of the vehicle. There will therefore no longer be an excuse for throwing waste out the window.

The Danish Road Directorate spends DKK 22 million per year on removing waste from public roads. To this should be added the millions spent by municipalities and private road owners. Analyses show that 59% of drivers throw waste out the window.

Now motorists and truck drivers can instead get rid of the burger wrapping, the coffee cups and the chewing gum without having to stop and get of the car - or accidentally throwing it in the ditch. The solution is a waste chute, which has been designed so you only need to roll down your window and hit the opening of the chute. The basic idea is that to get people to change behaviour, using the waste chute must be easy, convenient and, not least, fun. In other words, there are no longer any excuses for throwing waste in the ditch if all you have to do is leave the motorway, throw the waste in the chute and get back on the motorway.

The chute is one of the results of design cooperation between Keep Denmark Clean, the Danish Design Centre and the design company Goodmorning Technology. The cooperation focuses on how good design can change people's behaviour. The actual chute is produced by the manufacturing company G9.

Significant reduction in dumped waste

During the development process, companies, public players and visitors to rest areas were involved and contributed valuable knowledge about the waste problem. The result is a functional and user-friendly design with a waste chute large enough to permit drivers to hit it from both car windows and truck windows. When darkness falls, LED light around the edge creates a shining halo, so it remains easy to hit the opening of the chute.

An impressive 75% reduction in dumped waste has been recorded at the rest areas where waste chutes have been installed.