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EU & Corporate Social Responsibility

In the EU, CSR is still a relatively new concept. The Danish government’s CSR team is actively participating in the debate on CSR at the European level to ensure that the policy formulation of the EU is based on the concept of strategic CSR, as well as on the international principle-based approach inherent in UN Global Compact.

The EU has an important role to facilitate the exchange of experience between member states. Also, the EU plays a central part in increasing the awareness of CSR in European businesses by keeping the question on the agenda and by actively contributing to shaping the attitudes of business leaders.

The Commission has already taken a number of initiatives in this direction, for example through the European Alliance for CSR, CSR Europe and the European Multi-stakeholder Forum on CSR.

The Danish government’s CSR team has a seat in the “EU Commission High Level Group on Corporate Social Responsibility”. The group includes representatives of all the EU member states and meets twice a year in Brussels. The aim of the group is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and information on new initiatives in the field of CSR between the member states and the Commission. Similarly, researchers, interest organisations and companies are invited on a regular basis to participate in order to present their views as well as new knowledge gained.