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Dot Dot

A growing number of consumers demand personal care and cleaning products without unnecessary additives.
In 2010, Dot Dot established its production of environmentally friendly and hypo-allergenic products based on this market insight. In the process, the newly established company created new workplaces on the island of Lolland, which has the second highest unemployment rate in Denmark.

Dot Dot manufactures environmentally friendly cleaning and personal care products. The company was established in 2010 on the island of Lolland in the southern part of Denmark, which for a number of years has been hard hit by company closures and rising unemployment. Dot Dot has 10 employees but hopes to increase it to 30-40 employees as the company becomes more firmly established in the 36 countries to which its products are exported, including Germany, England, the USA and China.

Natural raw materials protect people and the environment

Dot Dot has more than 500 different products. All products are manufactured from natural, local raw materials and ingredients such as sugar beet extract, which produces light natural foam and adds moisture to the skin when used for personal care. None of the products contain any ammonium, chlorine, glycol solvents, parabens, formaldehyde, artificial colouring, phosphates or petroleum distillates. They are also free of ingredients of animal origin and have not been tested on animals. The products are therefore gentle on both the consumer and the environment.

Dot Dot manufactures products both with and without perfume, and the perfume meets the criteria of the Nordic Swan eco-label. Consequently, the 26 most allergenic substances are not present in Dot Dot’s products.

Dot Dot has invested in a demineralisation plant to filter water. This results in extremely pure, top-quality products with the added advantage of requiring fewer preservatives. In addition, Dot Dot uses UV light to ensure that the water is 100% free of bacteria. This environmentally friendly approach is used throughout, and the transparent bottles used for the products contain no phthalates and are 100% biodegradable.

New jobs in a hard hit region

It was no coincidence that Dot Dot chose to locate the company on Lolland. In addition to focusing on a green product line, Dot Dot wants to stand out from its competitors by emphasising that their products are manufactured by competent and committed employees. The two company owners knew that such employees were available on Lolland where the financial crisis has put many skilled workers out of work.

Dot Dot employs designers, chemists and production workers in a single location. This results in a very short chain of command and enables the company to easily monitor the process from start of production to despatch of the finished product. To avoid exposing the employees to noise on a daily basis, Dot Dot has placed all particularly noisy machines in a special outdoor room containing, for example, compressed air equipment. The company has also installed ventilation above mixing tanks to capture dust particles.

Read more on: www.puredotdot.com