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The Danish Detergent Industry (SPT) consists of about 25 companies ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to large multinationals active both in the industrial & institutional (I&I) domains and the consumer goods market.

It is the industry mission to benefit society by contributing to the sustainable improvement of the quality and comfort of life through hygiene and cleanliness, in a free, competitive and innovative way.

The Danish Detergent Industry is very focused on the environmental aspects of CSR, not only within the industry, but also with a consumer/costumer aspect. Initiatives to promote good, safe and sustainable washing and cleaning practices to consumers have been developed over the past several years and are continuing to be developed. For the Danish Detergent Industry sustainability concerns not only raw materials and production, but also resources in a more general sense.   

In 2008 the industry developed a sustainability certificate (SPT Certificate) for companies in the I&I sector where both environment and health is taken into account for the products entire life cycle, i.e. from raw materials through the supply chain to use and eventual disposal.

The SPT Certificate ensures that a number of relevant requirements related to the environment, quality, social responsibility and finances can be documented by the participating and approved companies. The requirements are e.g. focusing on the use of chemicals with respect for the environment and health, CO2 savings, recycling of plastic and paper, professional advice on product choice and use and act responsible in terms of safety and in the use of suppliers. Eight companies are approved and allowed to use the SPT Certificate: Clean Care A/S, Diversey, Iduna A/S, Jysk Kemi Service A/S, Knud E. Dan A/S, Scan-Clean ApS, Stadsing A/S and VTK A/S.

The Danish Detergent Industry is working at European level, through the cross European organization A.I.S.E, to coordinate and facilitate global cooperation on CSR and sustainability initiatives and are working together with the European Commission. Examples of European industry initiatives applied in Denmark, including both the industrial & institutional (I&I) domains and the consumer goods market:

A.I.S.E. Charter for sustainable cleaning


World view on CSR and detergents

In recognition of the political growing awareness around the world of the importance of climate change and sustainable development the industry recognizes its responsibilities and are taking steps to follow this development and to secure the consumers safe and reliable products.