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Design Partners and Danilift

The company Danilift is an example of how conscious work with design and user-driven innovation can result in a much better and safer product. Together with the design company Design Partners, they have developed a lift that provides a better working environment for the users while positioning the company on the market.

Lift work is often dangerous and hampered by the lack of space. The company Danilift therefore started cooperating with the design company Design Partners to create a new competitive lift that could provide a safer working environment.

The cooperation began with analyses of lift work and the working environment around lifts. The analyses showed that lift work takes place in a very confined space and is characterised by a poor and dangerous working environment. Danilift's products were also compared with those of the competitors.

User-driven innovation resulted in a new product

Based on the results of these studies, the company adopted innovative user-driven methods and completed several idea and development processes in close collaboration with Danilift's employees. The best result of these processes was Danilift's new product, the D-box, an external basket that gives the user more room to work without changing the dimensions of the basket. The working environment around the basket is also made safer, as the user is provided with a shielded working space.

The D-box has now been fully developed and introduced to the market where it has been well received by the customers. The D-box is an example of how cooperation with designers can result in better and more competitive products that meet the needs of the users while at the same time standing out from similar products. Today, Design Partners work with Danilift on new development projects.