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The Danish toy manufacturer, dantoy, focuses on making toys more environmentally friendly and safer for children to play with. The company is the first toy manufacturer in the world to obtain the Nordic Swan (Svanen) eco-label for plastic toys.

dantoy is one of the largest toy manufacturers in the Nordic countries and has manufactured children’s toys for more than 50 years. All the toys are manufactured in Denmark. The company has 47 employees and focuses on manufacturing toys with high play value that are durable and safe for children to play with.

First with the Swan

dantoy is the first toy manufacturer in the world to obtain a licence to use the Nordic Swan eco-label on a series of colourful beach toys in 100% plastic. dantoy wanted to send a signal to consumers that plastic toys can be an environmentally safe and responsible choice and that plastic has a number of advantages compared with other materials.

As a result of dantoy’s strategy to obtain a license for the Swan eco-label, the company has phased out certain substances and has changed the raw materials used in order to comply with the strict environmental criteria for the eco-label. The toys do not contain any PVC or phthalates, for example. Today, 85-90% of dantoy’s range of toys is eco-labelled, and the company is working on obtaining the eco-label for its remaining toy products.

Resource consumption under control

dantoy aims to keep harmful environmental impact to a minimum and has obtained ISO 14001 certification. The company has introduced a number of processes to manage its electricity, water and raw material consumption and to prevent any emissions from the production. This strategy implies constant monitoring of the consumption of electricity and water and comparison with the consumption of plastic granulate to enable the company to optimise its processes and produce the largest possible number of toys with a minimum of electricity, water and plastic granulate. As a measurable result of these efforts, consumption of electricity, cooling water and plastic granulate has been reduced.

Read more on: www.dantoy.dk