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Danske Fragtmænd

Danske Fragtmænd's vision is to practise "Sustainable Haulage" in all areas of the Group. When it comes to CSR, the aim is to take active responsibility for sustainable development and act responsibly with respect to the environment, the workforce and society at large.

Danske Fragtmænd consists of three separate legal entities; Fragtmænd Holding A/S, Danske Fragtmænd a.m.b.a. and 60 independent carrier companies. Together they provide a national carrier system that keeps more than 1,600 vehicles on the roads on a daily basis.

Focus on reducing CO2 emissions

As a transport and logistics company, fuel and energy-related CO2 emissions are the main environmental impacts, which at the same time represent a major operating cost. Danske Fragtmænd is fully committed to reducing CO2 emissions by means of efficient haulage using full loads, an appropriate route network, modern and eco-friendly machinery and equipment, and trained drivers that follow eco-friendly principles. Updating the workforce and maintaining an open, honest dialogue with customers and business partners about environmental issues is another important aspect of our efforts in this area.

An inclusive workplace

Danske Fragtmænd aims to be a company where employees are proud to work. The company also recruits employees with a less than spotless criminal record or those with reduced work ability. This is just part of what it means to be an inclusive workplace. Several works managers assume the role of mentor for staff.

Traffic safety is a top priority

Danske Fragtmænd has made traffic safety a top priority and works hard to minimise the risk of traffic accidents. This is partly achieved through the professional training of drivers and participation in the campaign "Trafiksikkerhed i Øjenhøjde" (Traffic Safety at Eye Level), which aims to teach traffic safety to children in the second, third and fourth grades, in particular with regard to lorries and right turns. In 2011 and 2012, Danske Fragtmænd and its affiliated carrier companies visited around 60 and 50 schools, respectively. In connection with the campaign, materials such as colouring books were developed and competitions were held to involve the target group.