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Danish Action Plan 2012

“Responsible Growth” – the Action Plan for Corporate Social Responsibility 2012-2015 was published in March 2012 by the Danish government.

The action plan sets a new direction for the Danish CSR efforts with more than 40 initiatives, which are to be implemented from 2012 – 2015. The action plan aims at contributing to growth and responsibility going hand in hand and thereby creating value for both business and society. This is a task which involves the business community, consumers, investors, organisations, NGO’s and the public:

The business community must integrate CSR in the core business; the consumers must have better opportunities and take a greater responsibility through their consumer choices; investors must use their investments as driving force for responsible growth; organisations and NGO’s must act as watchdogs for CSR – but also promote CSR through dialogue and partnerships with the private sector – and the public sector must be a driving force by creating the necessary framework for CSR and promoting responsible growth.

The action plan contains a total of 42 initiatives in four key areas:

  1. Strengthening the respect for international principles
  2. Increasing responsible growth through partnerships
  3. Increasing transparency
  4. Using the public sector to promote a good framework for responsible growth

Read the Action Plan “Responsible Growth” 2012-2015 here.