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Play it to your strengths

Myanmar Carlsberg contributes to sustainable development in Myanmar by doing what they do best, creating new jobs and building the populations’ competences.

In February 2013, Carlsberg signed a contract to invest in a new brewery in Myanmar. Only the very last licenses are needed in order for Myanmar Carlsberg to start brewing beer to the new market in 2015.

A flagship for CSR

Even before the production is started, Myanmar Carlsberg has become a show-case for CSR in Myanmar. The brewery is constructed using the newest technology within water- and energy efficiency, safety and quality control.

Carlsberg has used local contractors and workers. Despite massive challenges, the brewery has been constructed with in a year. The competences local contractors and workers have acquired during the building process they will be able to use in other international building projects.

A million work hours and no injuries

Daniel Sjoegren tells that he at one point received a call from his Supply Chain Team from the building site, informing him that more than a hundred workers had arrived at the site without safety shoes, helmets and other safety gear. “How are we to handle this?” they asked the Managing Director.

“I decided to send all the workers home with a picture in their hand. The picture shows how employees should dress when they are on Carlsberg’s grounds” tells Daniel Sjoegren, former Managing Director at Myanmar Carlsberg.

Afterwards Myanmar Carlsberg have spent more than 7,200 hours on training programs in safety targeted at all employees with access to the building site.

“About 2,500 employees have been involved in the construction of the new brewery. They have all been trained in safety after the newest international standards. I believe this is a significant contribution to the Burmese society”, tells Vaibhav Khedkar, Supply Chain Director.

Myanmar Carlsberg has reached 1,000, 000 man hours without any injuries. This is a ground-breaking result in Myanmar.

Production of beer creates new jobs

Myanmar Carlsberg has almost 150 employees. It is expected that the number of employees will more than double as the beer market develops. Studies show that for each employee hired at a brewery, 9 new jobs a created in relating sectors such as agriculture, logistics and sales. In other words, it is expected that Carlsberg will create nearly 3000 new jobs in Myanmar within the next few years.

“Anyone can donate money for a good cause in Myanmar. I think that the way we as an international company can create the greatest positive impact in a country, is by having CSR initiatives that are linked to our business strategies and our competences” says Daniel Sjoegren.

Education for international business

It is a great challenge to recruit qualified employees in Myanmar. After 50 years of military dictatorship and with an educational system that is run down, there is a great lack of well-educated and English speaking employees in Myanmar.

Next year “Carlsberg Supply Chain Academy” is planned to open. The Academy is developed in partnership with national universities. The goal is to educate young people for jobs in international business, which ensures a pool of talent in the future for Myanmar Carlsberg and furthermore gears Myanmar for international business.

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Three pieces of good advice

  1. Use your unique competences as a company in order to benefit Myanmar. This creates the greatest value from your CSR efforts.
  2. Contribute to building competences in Myanmar. The country is on a journey of development and there is a great need for a competence boost.
  3. Demonstrate a consistent zero-tolerance in relation to all kinds