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Sustainable Architecture is Part of the Culture at CCO

The architectural company CCO was born with the ambition to ensure sustainable construction as part of the company’s DNA.

We came into being in 2006, where sustainability already was on the agenda. Thus, it became a natural ambition for us to establish a target for the use of energy and resources. We always encourage our developers to set the bar high, and up until this year we have suggested to build according to Building code 2015. This year we have taken further steps and now suggest building according to Building Code 2020. We would like to future-proof our houses,

says Christian Hanak, head of office.

By setting the bar high, the architectural company CCO is forced to think new and more sustainable solutions for its constructions. And the customers are approaching due to exactly this ambition.

At CCO the ambition lies in the culture of the drawing office. It is through training by the person next to you as well as inspiration from internal experts that the company’s employees are affected.

Sustainability is an integrated part of our professional discussions and takes place side by side with reflections on functionality, design and economy,

says Christian Hanak.

Among other things, CCO has designed the CO2 neutral construction Green Light House, which was the first of its kind in Denmark, and which has inspired many more both nationally and globally. Among others the mayor of New York City has studied this construction.

CCO primarily operates in Scandinavia, which is why the company only in 2012 initiated to implement social responsibility into the procedures of the company. According to Christian Hanak it was the many cases in the media describing social dumping in the Danish construction industry that made CCO rearm. Because, as Christian Hanak puts it,

it is an equally integrated part of the company’s DNA that the conditions at the constructions sites, which we are involved in, are decent, as sustainable building is.

Thus, CCO has adopted a tool for social responsibility, which has been developed specifically for the architectural industry by the industry association DANSKE ARK with support from the Danish Business Authority and the Dreyer Foundation.

The new tool enables CCO to assess risks within social responsibility in the constructions they design, just as the tool offers suggestions on practical steps, which CCO can recommend its developers to use in order to minimise risks.