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The design company Cane-line views its persistent CSR efforts as an investment in the future, as it benefits customers, business and the environment. Therefore, social responsibility is an important part of the company's product development and cooperation with suppliers, who get a helping hand to meet the requirements.

Cane-line is a Danish design company with 25 years of experience and collections represented in 90 countries. The company specialises in hand-woven materials and furniture that can withstand water and all types of weather. Its mission is to make life easy and leisure spaces valuable.

Focus on suppliers

For Cane-line, CSR has always been a natural part of doing business. The company has developed a management system that requires everyone in the company to consider the environment and people. Cane-line is today certified according to the international standards, ISO14001 and SA8000. This requires a commitment by the company and its suppliers to continuously improve their environmental efforts and to ensure appropriate working conditions. In Denmark, Cane-line has reduced its electricity consumption by 39% and waste is sorted for recycling. Cane-line has incorporated these good and important habits into its operations around the world. For example, the company has trained suppliers in the Far East in the handling of chemicals for production, minimising noise and improving working conditions.

Environmental considerations are an integrated part of product development

In cooperation with suppliers and designers, Cane-line incorporates environmental considerations from the concept phase of product development. This is primarily in relation to creating timeless design and using materials that can last for many years to come and can often be recycled. Environmental impact is also considered in the company's logistics, so that products and packaging are as easily transportable as possible. "Life made comfortable" is Cane-line's soul and design; to the company, this also means establishing a functioning computer room for school children in Indonesia, where education is urgently needed.

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