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C. F. Møller

Customers demand Sustainability and Social Responsibility

The architectural company C.F. Møller has experienced that both public as well as private developers demand sustainable solutions and social responsibility.

In 2009, C.F. Møller introduced methods for sustainable eco-friendly planning within all of the company’s seven divisions and was at the same time ISO 14001 certified in environmental management. C.F. Møller wished to be and continually wishes to play a leading role within sustainable construction, and has, thus, implemented a systematic approach to evaluating resource application and environmental consideration in the constructions. Since then the demand for sustainable construction has only increased. Today, C.F. Møller is often in dialogue with bigger developers on the possibility for sustainable project planning of the constructions.

At the same time, Lone Wiggers, partner at C.F. Møller, acknowledges, that the wish to minimise the cost of the constructions can stunt environmental project planning.

It is therefore vital that we adopt an overall consideration when addressing sustainability. As well economic, social and environmental sustainability must be evaluated. An overall consideration takes part in the counteracting to our use of material, which is cheaper right now, but will not last the longevity of the construction, and thus, from a lengthy perspective both will add costs to the construction and be environmental harmful, because it produces waste.

Lone Wiggers continues:

The entire building sector must learn to think in life cycle, so we have constructions, which in building as well as in operation and upon demolition are the least possible incriminating to our surroundings.

Today, C.F. Møller experiences that selected customers not only demand environmental sustainability, but also requests that the architect company can document social responsibility i.e. compliance with international standards, dissociating from child labour, forced labour, discrimination, ban of freedom of association, corruption, etc.

Apart from its membership of Global Compact, C. F. Møller has therefore implemented a Code of Conduct for the company, proving how C. F. Møller handles its social responsibility within own operation and with regard to partners and suppliers in the consultancy process. In that connection, C.F. Møller uses a range of tools, which the architectural company – together with two other architectural companies and the industry association DANSKE ARK – has been contributing to develop.