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Danish breweries have a responsibility towards consumers, the environment and society at large.

This responsibility is reflected in the activities carried out at sector level by the Danish Brewers' Association and the individual breweries.

The association's CSR activities can be divided into consideration for consumers, the climate, the environment and natural resources, and the workforce.
The Danish Brewers' Association is the trade organisation for breweries and bottleries in Denmark and is responsible for representing the national and international interests of its members. The association's members include major international breweries, medium-sized breweries and small regional breweries. As a sector, the brewing industry generates combined annual revenue of DKK 9.3 billion for the Danish welfare society. Each year the industry contributes DKK 230 million to the arts, culture, science and charity. Through sponsorships, the sector provides economic support to over 2,500 sports clubs and associations.

The industry seeks to protect its consumers in the best way possible, ensuring that beer is enjoyed in moderate amounts by an informed public. With this in mind, the Danish Brewers' Association implements initiatives and campaigns aimed at youth and their parents in order to promote a sensible alcohol culture in youth environments where moderate amounts of beer as a low alcohol product can play a part. Consumer health and safety are always in focus - both in relation to food quality and safety and the labelling of relevant information with regard to contents and nutritional value. The industry set up the Danish Alcohol Advertising Council and consumer organisations to ensure that its products are marketed responsibly and never at children.

The industry seeks to promote environmental sustainability and protect natural resources in the best way possible, which is why it developed a bottle deposit return system that reuses bottles and cans. The Danish Brewers' Association has also developed a series of tools to support the work of its members with regard to environmental management, green accounting and climate strategy.

The association's members carry out several joint initiatives aimed at ensuring a healthy working environment, while the association itself provides knowledge and expertise in this area for the benefit of member companies and their employees.

World view on CSR and breweries

Exaggerated consumption of beer and sugary soft drinks can have a negative impact on general health. In particular this applies to obesity, which has become a widespread problem in many parts of the world. The industry has a joint responsibility to promote a sensible alcohol culture and moderate consumption. The industry is also committed to developing new forms of eco-friendly packaging, supporting recycling and reutilisation systems that minimise raw material consumption and water and energy consumption in connection with production and transport. Finally, the industry must take active steps to prevent employee attrition. The Danish Brewers' Association cooperates across national borders and assumes responsibility at international level through Brewers of Europe. Through the EU Alcohol and Health Forum, the association is answerable to the European Commission and participates in the work of the Worldwide Brewing Alliance. The association also supports the independent European Research Advisory Board and is bound by the European Road Safety Charter.