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BaltShip is an international freight forwarding company, which specializes in the planning and execution of worldwide wind energy project transportation and logistics, onshore as well as offshore. BaltShip offers a wide range of logistics services - often with an unconventional and innovative approach under the motto: No Mission Impossible.

At BaltShip we believe that local presence is the best way to be part of the development and that sharing professional knowledge and cultural heritage is the basis for our future. We would like to leave a footprint that shows how to create a workplace that will serve as an example of how employees from different countries and cultures can make a successful and high quality business when working closely together.

Employees share their expertise

Our internal people-to-people program gives our employees the opportunity to share expertise and know-how. To improve skills and procedures, our employees take part in workshops and the joint forces also increase the employees' understanding of other cultures than their own. These efforts support our ambition to provide innovative transportation solutions and ensure that the right decisions are made.

CSR is rooted in working practices

To comply with demands from clients and meet modern expectations, BaltShip has established a Quality Management System which enables us to monitor and develop our business processes through systematic control of our activities. HSE and CSR are deeply rooted in working practices at BaltShip. Via HSE plans, compliance with requests from our clients and other stakeholders, and our own Code of Conduct, we ensure that we act in a safe and sustainable manner. We require that our partners and contractors accept responsibility for HSE and Social Accountability, in order for us to ensure that our transportation is carried out with the lowest possible impact on the environment - the environment which we and future generations depend on.