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About Trip Trap

Trip Trap is a small Danish-owned company that is headquartered in Ålborg.

The company has 58 employees in Denmark. The company produces timeless and high quality design products.

Design products are sold in Denmark under the trademark ”Trip Trap”, while products are sold outside of Denmark under the trademark ”Skagerak”.

Trip Trap exports its products to more than 40 countries. The most important markets are in the Nordic countries and Europe. Most of the products are produced abroad including in Thailand.

Three pieces of good advice from Trip Trap

  • Small companies can ask suppliers to meet demands. While small companies cannot force their suppliers to improve their health, safety and environment conditions they can still make significant progress through respectful dialogue. It is easier to make demands if the company has established a long term relationship with the supplier based on mutual trust.
  • Auditing and cooperation. A company can best make sure that a supplier complies with a Code of Conduct if the supplier is audited. Audits can be carried out by a third party actor (such as an NGO) that has knowledge of local conditions including legal requirements. It is also helpful if the buyer is willing to assist the supplier in how best to meet demands.
  • Social responsibility is a process. Improving HSE conditions in a supplier factory is an on-going process and not an end goal.