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About Cocio

Cocio Chokolademælk A/S was founded in 1951 by Anker Pallesen from Esbjerg and is now by far the largest producer of chocolate milk in Scandinavia.

Cocio is based at the company’s factory in Kjersing, north of Esbjerg. The vision from day one has been to make the world’s best chocolate milk, and exactly the same recipe is used today as was developed in the 1950s.

The chocolate milk, which is made ​​entirely of milk, sugar and cocoa and zero preservatives, is exported to Norway, Sweden, Finland and Poland.

The company currently employs about 60 people and is Danish-owned. In 2002, Arla Foods became the co-owner of Cocio Chokolademælk A/S, before acquiring full ownership in January 2008. Like the rest of the Arla Group, Cocio follows Arla Foods’ Code of Conduct, known as “Our responsibility”.

Three good pieces of advice

  • It makes sense to deal with the challenges of responsible sourcing by entering into a partnership with the supplier on how, together, the companies can create improvements rather than simply to stop cooperating, switching supplier or moving to another country.
  • Think again and consult the organisations who understand the complexity of the challenges you are facing.
  • It is important to think long term when it comes to sourcing from developing countries. It would be easy to respond to media attacks by ceasing all cooperation with the supplier immediately,but it would not change anything for the cocoa farmers in the long run.